Old Glory

Captain: Kley Williams
Size: 85 x 24
Sleeps: 41


She represents the top of the line for local and Multi-day fishing. From passenger accommodations to crew service, this 85-footer is an angler’s dream. Passenger comforts include open berthing accommodations, sun deck, air-conditioning, fresh water maker, two heads and hot shower. A shipboard entertainment center includes color TV, DVD, video library and stereo. A large modern galley seats 40 and boasts a menu known for its extensive offerings and expert preparation. The Captains run a very professional Sportfishing operation with special attention to anglers satisfaction.

Virtual Landing Trip Listing

Mon October 4th

Old Glory

Old Glory 2-Day - H&M Landing

Departure: Mon Oct 4th 9:00 PM - Return: Wed Oct 6th 7:00 PM
The Old Glory teams up with 976-TUNA for a 2-day trip leaving from H&M Landing Departing on Mon Oct 4th, 09:00 PM. This trip will be heading out on an offshore freelance trip on the hunt for tuna, yellowtail, dorado, and more. Call for reservations at 310-328-8426. Food is Included in the Ticket, Price is $600. Charter Master Big Gabe.. Bring a Mask and your own bedding.
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