Sea Landing, The Stardust Daily Report
Posted by Poseidon on 04/15/19 4:32 PM

Heading in from an awesome 1/2 day. We had excellent weather all day and really good fishing despite a few slow stops, overall really good quality!!! We stayed shallow all day and finished our local grounds. The live bait we have now definitely made a huge difference and we caught most of our fish on it. Our 17 anglers caught 108 rockfish, 41 whitefish, 2 lingcod, 1 sheephead, and 1 sandbass. 

The Stardust is 1/2 day fishing Tuesday, 3/4 day Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. The Coral Sea is 3/4 day Wednesday, 1/2 day Sunday with lots of room.

Please make reservations from our website or call 805-963-3564.