Stardust, 3/4-Day Report
Posted by Queen Pauline on 06/06/19 3:05 PM

Heading in from a 3/4 day. We fished Santa Rosa Island in really nice weather. We had a light load and I was able to fish small spots and get nice reds and chucks. We fished several spots and areas and managed to put together a really nice day. Our 15 anglers caught: 25 reds, 100 Copper Rockfish, 25 misc rockfish and 14 lingcod.

We have plenty of room for Friday’s 3/4 day trip and the Coral Sea is also a go 1/2 day. Monday-Wednesday we are a go 1/2 day fishing

Please make reservations directly from our website [link] or call the SEA Landing at 805-963-3564