Constitution PV Cow Town Report, Feb 10th 2020
Posted by Poseidon on 02/10/20 2:19 PM

Just returned from a good trip and a great group of anglers that have been fishing with us for over 10 years. Thank you Baja Dave for bring your group down again to battle these yellowfin that PV has to offer. 80-300+ pounders were landed and a few huge heartbreaks to go with it. All these fish we have been landed on Okuma PCH rods 2X’s & 4x’s with Soft Steel leaders. Soft Steel USA Okuma Fishing USA Full coolers of the freshest yellowfin on the planet. Literally hours from the ocean to the plate of delicious sashimi.Yellowfin Tuna

We are reaching a midway point in our season down in PV and ready for all our anglers to get here as we set out tonight on a 3.5 day Seeker Sponsored 3.5 day with Josh Tucker. Let’s hope these supers keep biting.

Give us a call if you would like to join us on a rare charter opening March 17-21 Psycho charter. I believe there are 3 spots left. Call Nicole at 866-903-7742 to get onboard.