Action Alert!
  • Posted by Poseidon
  • Mon Oct 4th 10:03 AM

Action Alert!
Just Minutes Can Save Our Boats, Protect a Lifetime of Memories
Public Comment Period Open
This month could mark the beginning of the end for passenger sportfishing and whale watching boats! Boat crews and their families need your help.

As you well know, the Newsom Administration has proposed passenger boat regulations that require new engines and technology that is not feasible from a safety, financial or operational standpoint.

By the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) own admission, the proposed regulations will likely remove passenger boats made of wood and fiberglass from service. This would apply to over 80% of all boats! If boat owners can’t afford to spend millions of dollars for new metal boats --- or you can’t or won’t pay twice as much for boat tickets to pay for the new boats, boat owners will be forced out of business.

We are asking you to send CARB an email that could convince Board Members that as boats go out of business millions of Californians will be denied access to the open sea and significant economic harm will come to coastal communities that depend on outdoor tourism. Let CARB know what it means to you and your family to be able to harvest your own food and to enjoy all the splendors of the sea!